A year-long, site-specific performance series created by Tedi Tafel



Window. An opening. The eye of the home.
Transparent yet dividing, it allows both looking in and looking out. It is a threshold, a portal, an in-between place, a place of passage.

October’s event is a solo created for Lin Snelling. The performance runs Thursday the 28th through Saturday the 30th at 7239 Saint-Urbain (just north of Jean-Talon). There are two presentations per evening: the first at 6:30p.m., the second 8:30 p.m. (the show is approximately 35 minutes.) The venue is intimate and seating is quite limited. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling 514.278.3646 or sending a message at Please indicate both the date and the time you wish to attend.


Creation/Direction: Tedi Tafel in collaboration with …
Performance: Lin Snelling
Sound: Monique Jean
Lighting: Yan Lee Chan
Video Images: Tedi Tafel
Technical Assistance: Christine Boudreau